Required Documents for I-485 Filing: Complete Guide 2021

What Are the Documents Needed for I-485 Filing?

As an immigration lawyer, I have helped many clients navigate the complex process of submitting their I-485 application for permanent residency. One important aspects process ensuring required documents properly gathered submitted. In blog post, provide comprehensive list Documents Needed for I-485 Filing, along tips insights help prepare strong application.

Documents Needed for I-485 Filing

Submitting the appropriate documents with your I-485 application is crucial to avoid delays or denials. The following table outlines the key documents required for filing:

Document Description
Form I-485 This is the application for adjustment of status. Must completed signed applicant.
Birth Certificate A copy of the applicant`s birth certificate, translated into English if necessary.
Passport Photos Two passport-style photos of the applicant, taken within 30 days of filing the application.
Form I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, completed by a designated civil surgeon.
Form I-864 Affidavit of Support, if the applicant is being sponsored by a petitioner.
Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, if the applicant wishes to work while the I-485 is pending.
Form I-131 Application for Travel Document, if the applicant needs to travel outside the United States while the I-485 is pending.
Evidence Eligibility Any additional documents to prove eligibility for adjustment of status, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, or proof of legal entry into the United States.

It`s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and the specific documents needed may vary depending on the individual`s circumstances. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney can help ensure that all necessary documentation is included.

Personal Reflections

Having worked in immigration law for many years, I have seen firsthand the impact that a well-prepared I-485 application can have on a person`s life. By providing the right documents and evidence, individuals can greatly increase their chances of obtaining permanent residency in the United States. It`s a privilege to be able to assist clients in this process, and I am continually impressed by their resilience and determination to navigate the complexities of the immigration system.

By sharing this information, I hope to empower individuals to take proactive steps in preparing their I-485 applications. With the right documentation and support, they can pursue their goals of building a new life in the United States with confidence and peace of mind.

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Legal Contract: Documents Required for I-485 Filing

It essential clear understanding Documents Needed for I-485 Filing order ensure smooth successful application process. This legal contract outlines the necessary documentation and requirements for I-485 filing, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Parties: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Applicant
Effective Date: [Date Signing]
Scope Agreement: This contract outlines the necessary documents and requirements for I-485 filing, as required by the USCIS, to be submitted by the applicant for adjustment of status.

Documents Required I-485 Filing:

The following documents required I-485 filing:

  1. Form I-485, Application Register Permanent Residence Adjust Status.
  2. A copy approved Form I-140, Immigrant Petition Alien Worker (if applicable).
  3. Proof eligibility adjustment status, copy visa bulletin, priority date, visa category.
  4. Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, completed by a designated civil surgeon.
  5. Form I-864, Affidavit Support, required.
  6. Form G-325A, Biographic Information, applicants between ages 14 79.
  7. Form I-765, Application Employment Authorization, applicant seeking employment authorization.
  8. Form I-131, Application Travel Document, applicant needs travel outside United States I-485 application pending.
  9. Copies valid government-issued identification, passport, driver`s license, state ID.
  10. Proof lawful entry United States, arrival/departure record (Form I-94) visa.
  11. Payment required filing fee biometric services fee (if applicable).

By signing this contract, the parties acknowledge their understanding of the documents and requirements for I-485 filing, as outlined above.

Top 10 Legal FAQs: Documents Needed for I-485 Filing

Question Answer
1. What are the essential documents required for I-485 filing? For I-485 filing, you will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate, valid passport, Form I-94, marriage certificate (if applicable), evidence of any previous marriages and divorces, and a copy of your visa petition approval notice.
2. Do I need to submit financial documents with my I-485 application? Yes, you will need to submit financial documents such as tax returns, bank statements, and proof of income to demonstrate that you will not become a public charge.
3. Is a medical examination report required for I-485 filing? Yes, a completed Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, conducted by a designated civil surgeon is necessary for I-485 filing.
4. What are the specific requirements for submitting a Form I-864 Affidavit of Support? When filing Form I-485, you must include a completed Form I-864, signed by the sponsor, along with evidence of the sponsor`s income, tax returns, and employment verification.
5. Can I include my dependents in the same I-485 application? Yes, you can include your spouse and unmarried children under 21 in the same I-485 application by providing the necessary supporting documents for each dependent.
6. Are there any specific requirements for submitting documents for adjustment of status based on employment? When filing for adjustment of status based on employment, you will need to include Form I-797, Approval Notice, Form I-140 Immigrant Petition, and evidence of continuing employment or new job offer.
7. Do I need to provide police certificates for I-485 filing? Yes, you must submit police certificates from the country or countries where you have lived for more than 6 months since the age of 16, as part of the I-485 filing process.
8. Can I submit photocopies of documents for I-485 filing? While original documents are generally required, USCIS may accept legible photocopies of certain documents if you are unable to provide originals.
9. What Documents Needed for I-485 Filing refugee asylee? If you are filing for adjustment of status as a refugee or asylee, you will need to provide Form I-590, Registration for Classification as a Refugee, and evidence of refugee or asylee status, among other documents.
10. Are there any special requirements for submitting documents for I-485 filing under special immigrant categories? Yes, certain special immigrant categories, such as religious workers or special immigrant juveniles, have specific document requirements that must be met when filing Form I-485.